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Termite Protection & Monitoring

Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatment involves applying a liquid chemical application to the perimeter of the home or building as per Australian Standards. The chemical is applied to the soil areas adjacent to the structure where the slab footing is located. Soil is trenched and removed to access the footing area. The chemical is applied to these areas while backfilling the soil. If there are concrete or paved pathways around the home, it is recommended the concrete be cut or the pavers lifter removed so the soil under these areas can be accessed. If the concrete or pavers cannot be removed, these areas are drilled at intervals between 200mm and 300mm, with the chemical injected under pressure. The holes are sealed once finished. Chemical applications can be affected for a period of between 5 to 8 years.

Physical Barrier

A physical termite system is incorporated into the home during the construction of the home. These systems are used to protect the penetration of the service through the concrete slab and the perimeter cavity from concealed termite attacks. Most of these products are sealed permanently within the foundations of the home and they cannot be visually inspected. There are many of these products available. Savige Pest Control uses HomeGuard Precision Termite Management System, which is an FMC Austrasia Product. FMC Australia HomeGuard

Who should use a barrier?

  • Anyone building a new home
  • Anyone building an extension on a home

Baiting Systems

A termite baiting system is a system that is used to detect termite activity within the vicinity of the home. The stations are placed around the perimeter of the home or building at intervals which enables the stations to link together to form a zone or perimeter. These stations have an attractant and timber located within in the station and are checked at intervals of between 6 to 12 weeks for activity. When these stations become active bait is placed within the active stations, which the termites then feed on. Termites find the bait highly palatable and they readily consume the bait, taking it back to the colony where it is fed to other termites. Over time the bait has the ability to eliminate the colony. Baiting systems are less invasive than a chemical application however the baiting programs require more ongoing monitoring. Savige Pest Control uses Exterra Baiting System and Senticon Always Active Baiting System. EXTERRA Dow SentriconĀ®

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