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Lawn Pests Ipswich

Lawn Pests

Savige Pest Control can safely treat all types of lawn pests including Lawn Grubs, Bindii, and other broadleaf weeds. We use the most effective control method for lawn pests, which is a blanket spray as a preventive or corrective treatment.

Did someone say Bindii? – We use a selective herbicide in a low odor formulation with excellent turf safety for all cool and warm season grass types and provide outstanding broad-spectrum weed control in turf. In addition to Bindii control, we can treat your lawn for Creeping Oxalis, White Clover, Capeweed, Plantain, and Cats Ear. It is important to note that complete weed death may take up to six weeks. You can expect faster results on smaller weeds. Turf clippings should not be used as mulch around other plants or in compost as this can spread the weeds around your yard. Transient discoloration may occur on Kikuyu, Carpet Grass, and Queensland Blue Couch after treatment. Due to the residual effects of the selective herbicide, overseeding treated areas within three months of application may inhibit the establishment of new turfgrass. A second treatment may be needed.

Did someone say Lawn Grubs? These root-feeding and surface-dwelling grubs are the larvae of moths and beetles and include species such as Lawn Armyworm and African black Beetle. Chances are the lawn grub moths have already laid their eggs on the eaves of your home, and the larvae are preparing to parachute down and invade your lawn as the warmer months approach. The lawn grubs feed on your grass during the night and cause surface damage to the lawn that presents as brown patches. Are you seeing small white, grey, and/or brown moths hovering over your lawn in the early evening? Moth activity is an early sign of a potential lawn grub infestation. An increased presence of birdlife during either the early morning or early evening, maybe another sign of grub activity as the birds could be feeding on the nocturnal grubs. These egg-laying moths love to target the healthiest lawns in the street. As early as five days the eggs can become lawn grub larvae and start to attack your yard. For the next two to three weeks, these grubs will feed on your lawn and then become pupae. Within a couple of weeks, the pupae metamorphosed into a moth and the cycle begins again.

Do not despair. A professionally applied treatment of an approved insecticide can break this cycle and protect your lawn. These insecticidal treatments will protect your lawn from the larvae of surface-dwelling and root-feeding grubs, including Lawn Armyworm and African Black Beetle.

Call Savige Pest Control today at (07) 3281 2800 to book your lawn treatments or find out more. You can save by bundling your lawn treatments with a termite inspection and/or pest control service.

Lawn Pests Control Services Near Me Ipswich

Does your home have a lawn? Well, if it does, then be happy, be very happy, because lawns are wonderful places to relax, sit down, see the sunset, and drink or have a picnic with friends or family. But what if your lawn has become the breeding ground of weeds and pests? What should you do? Well, if I were you, I’d be calling the lawn pests control services near me in Ipswich exterminators! Here are a couple of great reasons why you should call them.

They’ll Know What’s Eating Your Lawn

According to standard definition, a lawn is defined as “an area of soil-covered land” planted with grasses and other durable plants like clover, which are maintained at a short length with a lawn mower, or sometimes grazing animals.

Lawns are used mainly for recreational and aesthetic purposes, are usually composed of grasses species, are regularly subject to weed and lawn pests in Ipswich control, are maintained in green color by water, and are regularly mowed to ensure an acceptable length.

Lawns are also used around houses, apartments, commercial buildings, and offices. City and municipal parks also have lawn areas, while recreational and sporting venues come with specialized names such as field, green, turf, and pitch. To keep these spaces green and clean, a major investment needs to be done to keep them well-manicured and free from lawn pests in Ipswich.

Yes, investing a great deal in controlling lawn pests in Ipswich is hailed as the best and brightest way to deal with the issue, and return your lawn to its healthy state. The investment will be worth it especially if your outdoor activities are regularly being interrupted by pesky insects like ants, termites, bugs, and what else.

And of course, there are over 500 kinds of bugs that could take up residence in your lawn or garden. Knowing how each of these different bugs impacts your grass, soil and plants is something that an expert on lawn pests in Ipswich can teach you.

For example, chinch bugs are cream-colored and have an “x” design on their winged back. These are barely visible, but the damage they do is very much noticeable, and among the common signs of chinch bug infestation include dead patches of grasses.

Grubs are also common lawn pests in Ipswich who survive by eating the roots of grass, which inevitably kills the lawn. Grubs then grow up to become beetles, and without the use of a proper bug killer, these can eventually conquer your lawn.

And, please don’t forget the mosquitos too! While these nasty flying creatures do not do direct damage to your lawn, they can certainly make the outdoors so unbearable. However, you can minimize their presence by removing sitting water where they can breed, and you can also use insect killers like Permethrin or Malathion to eliminate them.

Get a Greater Understanding of Which Pesticides or Chemicals to Use

If you get tempted to eliminate lawn pests in Ipswich the DIY way, remember that using the wrong product to treat an insect problem can create a much bigger issue for your lawn.

You certainly do not want to waste your precious money trying to kill fire ants with an insecticide that’s meant only for carpenter ants! You also need to understand that certain pesticides are compatible with the type of grass on your lawn because if you use the wrong pesticides, it could injure or even kill certain plants in your garden.

They Offer/Recommend Organic Solutions

Another amazing thing about working with an expert on lawn pests in Ipswich is that they almost always offer or recommend organic, environment-friendly solutions. As almost 70 million pounds of chemical-based pesticides are used on lawns in Australia each year, maintaining your lawn can be done using natural, environment-friendly ingredients which won’t damage your lawn or the surrounding vegetation.

According to the principles of integrated, eco-friendly management of lawn pests in Ipswich, apart from using insecticides, people are also encouraged to use traps to catch insects, and another effective method would be to combat insect issues is to intervene before the eggs hatch, not after.

Homeowners who have pets should make it a habit to look for organic products to kill lawn pests in Ipswich because their pets could get sick or die from ingesting too many chemical-based insecticides.

You Get Tips on Preventive Measures Between Treatments

By working with experts on controlling or eliminating lawn pests in Ipswich, you also get tips or ideas on the preventive measures that could be done between treatments. Once your lawn or garden pest problem is fixed, the experts could provide you with sound ideas on how to maintain your lawn between treatments.

Among the most popular preventive measures for controlling lawn pests in Ipswich include not overwatering, frequently mowing your lawn, and constant weed control. You may also want to secure garbage bins and keep your lawn or yard free from debris and garbage that could attract pests.

They Help You Achieve a Healthy, Beautiful Lawn All Year Round

There is more to achieving a beautiful and healthy lawn than by regularly mowing it. In fact, controlling lawn pests in Ipswich also plays a pivotal role in the appearance and health of your lawn.

Depending on the climate where you live, there are various elements that your lawn or garden need to contend with. But it doesn’t matter whether you live in the sunny tropics or in the freezing northwest, because ridding the area of lawn pests in Ipswich should help increase its durability and longevity.

In addition, a beautiful and healthy lawn can also help enhance your curb appeal. When time comes to sell your home or property, a well-maintained lawn, and one that’s free from lawn pests in Ipswich should make a very attractive selling point.

But, if you’re not selling your home yet, then enjoy the backyard barbecues or early evening parties without the intrusion of pesky bugs and mosquitos, and of course unsightly and ugly weeds!

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