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You may have a beautiful home filled with lovely furniture, furnishings, and appliances but what if pests, rodents, rats, bugs, and other nasty critters love calling it home also? The thought of sharing your home with pests makes us uncomfortable for all of us! So, how can you eliminate these disgusting, unpleasant, unwanted pests? Well, you can do that by calling Savige the best pest control services in Brisbane and Ipswich.

Above-Average Protection from Pests

Before we go straight toward discussing the perks of working with Savige pest control services in Brisbane, let’s first talk about the various types of pests or critters that require effective pest control in Brisbane.

For starters, there are insects like spiders, bug beetles, and more. Most bugs belong in an environment other than your home. And if you find these disgusting critters on a regular basis after unsuccessfully trying to get rid of them with off-the-shelf retail pest sprays, it’s likely that you’ve got an infestation that requires the services of reputable pest control in Brisbane professional.

It’s imperative that you quickly call Savige pest control services in Ipswich immediately because insects and other bugs carry diseases and bacteria like E. coli and salmonella. Discarded insect body parts and fecal matter also contribute to very unhealthy and unsanitary conditions, which can lead to lung disease and other negative health conditions.

The second most common pest in homes and commercial establishments is rodents. Rodents not only cause serious property damage, but they also carry deadly viruses like the Hantavirus and salmonellas, as well as the deadly bubonic plague virus.

So, if you see rats in your home or work place, quickly call Savige pest control in Ipswich.

The third most prevalent pests are wasps. While these insects are not known as much for bringing diseases, they are notorious for their aggression and viciousness, as their stings can be very painful and deadly.

Pest Control Services Brisbane

Wasps often love to make your lawns, gardens, and ceilings their home. And while they generally leave you alone unless they’re provoked, you or your children could easily get stung multiple times. Some people have been known to suffer from serious allergies when they were stung by wasps. Thus, it’s imperative that they be removed from your property by professional pest control services in Brisbane.

The fourth most notorious house or office pests are cockroaches. Did you know that cockroaches have been documented to feed on toenails, eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair? Before this ever happens we urge you to quickly call Savige Pest Control the experts in pest control in Brisbane!

Cockroaches also love to eat starchy food like cereals and other sweet items. They can also love cheese, beer, and even postage stamps would you believe? If you want to get rid of Cockroaches then please connect with Savige Pest Control the best pest control service in Ipswich!

Pest Control Ipswich

And (obviously), it would be best to call our professional pest control in Ipswich team because it’s nearly impossible to kill cockroaches on your own. Unless you’ve been trained in all the aspects of Cockroaches pest control services in Brisbane, you’re going to have a tough time wiping them out of your property because they can go without air for 45 minutes.

Cockroaches can also aggravate health conditions like asthma, among other things. Well, they actually carry 33 types of bacteria, 6 different types of parasitic worms, and 7 deadly pathogens. So, for the health and safety of you and your family, call the pest control in Brisbane experts at the very first sign of a cockroach infestation, so that you will get nothing but above-average protection for you and your family.

Something About
Who we are

Savige Pest Control is an Ipswich-based company that is family owned and operated. They pride themselves on top-quality customer service and ensuring that our clients will always receive outstanding service and value for money. They pride themselves on quality workmanship, we will provide you with an efficient service to meet your requirements and maintain education and standards of practice to benefit you as our client.

Quick, Reliable Pest Management Services

Now, just how can the Savige Teams pest control services in Ipswich help enhance your quality of living? For starters, their pest control in Ipswich helps prevent damage to homes and structures. In Australia, people spend an estimated $2 to $3 billion a year for the repair of damages caused by termite infestation alone. As you probably know already, termites are voracious eaters of wood and wood products like paper and plyboard.

Once termites burrow into the wooden components or sections of the house, they can quickly eat floorings, walls, beams, and more, which makes the structure weak and prone to collapse, leaving all household members at great risk.

Second, Saviges specialised pest control services in Brisbane also help prevent allergies and other dreadful health conditions. Pests like rats, cockroaches, and termites can cause a wide array of allergies and other nasty health issues like asthma, skin allergies, and other respiratory problems.

Pest Control Brisbane

Cockroaches, for example, can cause allergies in at least 7% of the population, and they’re also one of the leading causes of asthma in kids. So, if you suspect that cockroaches are rapidly growing in your home, then call our team for pest control in Brisbane experts!

Third, our pest control services in Ipswich can help prevent the onset of deadly viruses which may cause deadly pandemics. Among the worrisome viruses include the ones that cause leprosy, Lyme disease, dysentery, dengue, malaria, and even coronavirus outbreaks.

Committed to Offering Responsive, Transparent Pest Control

All the staff at Savige pest control in Ipswich are 100% committed to providing timely, responsive, and pleasant, yet top-notch service to all of its customers. Before selecting our pest control services in Brisbane, and/or Ipswich all potential clients can get an upfront, obligation-free quote for their requirements and get a responsive, fully accountable, and reliable pest management

Customers Get Guaranteed Outcomes

With Savige pest control in Brisbane, customers get customized, tailor-fit pest control and management methods that are based on the type of pest, as well as on the extent of the infestation. This makes our pest control services in Ipswich very confident in producing guaranteed, and truly positive outcomes within just two weeks of treatment. Customers can even contact the company for free re-treatment, and their pest-management experts will revisit your home or property to complete the treatment based on your expectations.

They’re Fully Licensed and Insured Too

Before you contact just about any pest control in Ipswich, you also need to fully verify if the service provider is licensed and insured. The good thing with Savige pest control services in Ipswich is that they are licensed by the Queensland Department of Health, and guarantees the safe operations of all of its pest control professionals.

And, all their pest control and management methods or techniques are fully insured as well, to guarantee their customers 100% peace of mind, and to safeguard them from any unforeseen or unexpected issues and contingencies.

100% Safe and People-Friendly (As Well as Animal-Friendly) Treatment

With our pest control services in Brisbane, we only choose the safest and most tried-and-tested pest control and management procedures and techniques, as they are focused on creating a conducive and healthy environment for their clients.

To do so, they only utilize government and industry-approved pest eradication and control products and strategies per Australian standards for their services. This means that all the procedures they employ are safe for you, your family, workers, pets, and even neighbors.

The well-trained pest control in the Ipswich team can also help prevent damage and deterioration to furniture, carpets, clothes, and other items in the home. In fact, our pest control services in Brisbane also have regularly been called in to save furniture, clothing, carpets, and other items and avoid the expenses associated with replacements and repairs. Among the pests that love chewing on carpets, furniture and clothing include moths, cockroaches, silverfish, bugs, and termites.

Savige pest control in Brisbane can also help with the effective maintenance of your vital food supplies. Remember that without proper pest control services in Ipswich and Brisbane a sizable chunk of your home, offices or restaurant food supply will likely be wasted because it will either be consumed or tainted, by rodents, cockroaches, and other nasty critters.

Check out some clients’
arthur everding
arthur everding
May 2, 2024.
We have been using Saviage Pest Control for 8 years & found them to be very reliable & friendly & trust worthy .I highly recommend them,
Team Madmullet Productions
Team Madmullet Productions
April 3, 2024.
Great customer service Great staff members Even better pricing I really like the fact the Savige pest control is a small family owned business
Peta Perring
Peta Perring
February 8, 2024.
great and very friendly and efficient
February 6, 2024.
Ben was great today, thank you so much for fitting us in. Receptionists were also lovely to speak to. Would definitely use these guys again.
Shea Carney
Shea Carney
February 6, 2024.
10/10 recommend. We have hired 3 different pest control people to get rid of our cockroach infestation, and Ben from Savige has been the only person to successfully do this. Very meticulous in application, friendly and knowledgable. Don't waste your time and money going elsewhere.
Chanelle Morrison
Chanelle Morrison
January 29, 2024.
Would highly recommend Savige!! We have had excellent service from Steve when he completed our termite barrier treatment a while ago and more recently Ben who did our pest control. He was very thorough and we really appreciate his effort to meet our specific requests. Thank you for your excellent service! Much appreciated. Would definitely recommend!
December 13, 2023.
Super friendly and great to deal with. Would recommend!
Jason Brown
Jason Brown
December 4, 2023.
I arranged for a termite inspection for peace of mind as it had been a while. Steve was very professional and friendly, and there was no hard sell at the end of the inspection, he just gave me his recommendations and let me make my own mind up. The report was also very thorough and professional. I think you can trust this company.
Suzie McCracken
Suzie McCracken
November 23, 2023.
These guys helped me at incredibly short notice after my previously booked pest company didn't show up for a vacate pest treatment on the last day of my lease. The lady on the phone was remarkably helpful, and her service was amazing. When Ben showed up at my property within 30 minutes of calling, I could not have been more relieved. His service was also excellent. Extremely happy with Savige. I would for sure use their services again.
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Fiona Hopkins

We were really impressed with the quality of service and competitive prices. We will definitely use them again!

Chris Eckert

The technician was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain things to me. They arrived on time and were genuinely friendly and helpful.

Amy Johnston

I’ve been using Savige Pest Control for many years for pest control and inspections on all my properties because I know the job is being done properly. The inspections are thorough and pick up any issues before they become a major problems.

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Burleigh Waters

The office staff were so helpful and efficient with finding the right solution for my property and then getting the job done in a matter of days!

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