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Silverfish Control Brisbane

Silverfish, known for the silvery sheen of their skin, are wingless insects that have long, thin antennae and elongated bodies. They get their name from the way they move, in a fish-like pattern. You’ll find these creatures in areas where there is moisture or high humidity, like near basements, bathtubs, and sinks, or in crawl spaces. Silverfish are fairly common insects and can be found throughout Brisbane.

Unlike other types of insects and bugs, silverfish are not dangerous to humans. They don’t carry diseases and they won’t bite, sting, or burrow into your skin. They just want to eat and scurry away from light when they get scared. Silverfish are nocturnal creatures that typically hide in the dark, damp cracks and crevices of your home. If a silverfish shows itself during the day, it is probably because it has been forced out of its hiding place.

Silverfish are easy to identify and treat, but their infestation can be a persistent problem. This is why you should call in the experts from Savige Pest Control for effective silverfish control in Brisbane.

Why are silverfish a problem?

Silverfish are found virtually everywhere in Brisbane but are most likely to infest areas with high moisture levels and high humidity.

Found indoors, silverfish can live between two to eight years and reach a size of up to one inch in length. Silverfish can survive several months without food but cannot survive without water as easily.

Because silverfish are nocturnal and rather elusive, seeing yellow markings or damage on paper or fabric is usually your first sign that you have these insects in your home.

Silverfish are a problem because of their voracious appetite for paper products, their ability to lay dozens of eggs in a month, and their resistance to many pesticides. Due to their feeding habits, silverfish are a frequent cause of damage to homes and other buildings.

Silverfish shed their outer skin, or exoskeleton, as they age — a process called molting. The skin can collect dust, which can trigger allergic reactions in some people.

The good news is that silverfish do not bite people and pets as their jaws are too weak to pierce human and animal skin and their diet consists primarily of carbohydrates like sugars or starches. They are also not poisonous and are not known carriers of disease.

Preventing silverfish infestation

Here at Savige Pest Control, we’ve been dealing with silverfish control in Brisbane for years.

If you have silverfish or are overrun with them, it’s time to take action to exterminate them. In our experience, the key to solving a silverfish problem is to stay calm and act quickly.

Insecticides are usually the first treatment recommended for a large silverfish infestation. But it is important to note that insecticides are not always effective against silverfish. As silverfish can go many months without food, setting out baited poison traps will not always lead to results. In this case, calling in a professional silverfish control in Brisbane would be necessary. At Savige Pest Control, we offer the best silverfish control in Brisbane.

Silverfish populations can thrive in even the most well-maintained environments if the humidity levels remain high. Keeping your home sealed and well-maintained can prevent silverfish and other pests from entering. Some steps you might take toward this goal include:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any silverfish you may see. This should be your first move. It will make the problem seem less out of control and help you feel like you’re making progress right away. Put any silverfish in a plastic bag and dispose of them outside.
  • If your foundation or basement walls have gaps, fill the voids with liquid cement, which is available at most hardware stores.
  • Maintain a neat and tidy home. Keep food in sealable containers. Get rid of anything that could be attracting the silverfish, such as food crumbs. Avoid stacking a lot of paper products such as newspapers in piles on the floor.
  • Spray our special silverfish repellent all over the affected area and let it dry overnight. This will kill any remaining silverish and keep new ones from coming in contact with the treated area, which they hate!
  • To reduce intrusive silverfish into your home, consider the use of gravel or a chemical barrier between the ground outside and basement walls. As compared to mulch, gravel keeps out moisture, which silverfish are attracted to.

If you are still having trouble preventing silverfish infestations after taking these steps, consult with our professional silverfish control in Brisbane to conduct an inspection of your property so we can recommend appropriate treatments specific to your situation.

Benefits of hiring Savige Pest Control

Your house is the place where you live and spend quality time with your family. Hence, silverfish control in Brisbane is an essential task to be done in your home in the area.

Silverfish damage property and may be difficult to detect until a considerable amount of damage has been done. So it is important to keep them under control effectively.

Savige Pest Control is a family-owned business and has been servicing Brisbane and the surrounding areas for several years. With a vast knowledge of silverfish control in Brisbane, we can offer our customers the most effective treatment method to rid their homes of this pest.

There are many benefits in hiring Savige Pest Control to assist with your need for silverfish control in Brisbane.

As experts on silverfish control in Brisbane, we know how to handle each silverfish situation in the area. Our skilled and trained technicians use their experience and knowledge to identify their surrounding habitat, breeding sites, food source, and entry points with the best prevention methods for silverfish.

Our treatments for silverfish control in Brisbane are safe for your family and pets as it targets the source of the silverfish infestation. We will start by inspecting your premises to determine the extent of the silverfish problem and inspect your home for sources of moisture that are attracting them.

We will then develop a customized treatment plan to eliminate the infestation and prevent future problems with silverfish. We will recommend the most effective treatment plan for ongoing control, saving you time and money on unnecessary treatments.

So please do not ignore or delay the sight of silverfish. If you have any questions or queries about how we can help, our silverfish control in Brisbane is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can book an appointment by calling our office or using our online booking system. Same day and emergency services are also available.